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Hi, I’m Matt from North Star Public School. I am in year six. I love sport especially Rugby and Cricket, I also like animlals. I live on a farm with 43 cows, 2 dogs and 1 budgie. My favourite position in Rugby is halfback. I also love Athletics especially running and discus.

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SBW is Back

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Australian Hobart Test Highlights


All the runs and wickets for Australia at Hobart!

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Peter Siddle Snatches 9 Wickets


Watch it on this link Enjoy!

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Over the last few months we have been collecting data for a project that we have been doing with other schools including Alaska, Island, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Illinois, Canada and Wodonga. We collect data like what temperatures they have daily, minimums and maximums, we also collected rainfall and the time the sun rises and sets. We also post pictures of animals and land forms.




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Jacques Kallis Wicket


Nathan Lyon gets Jacques Kallis with a beautiful bowl!,AAAAu-f-8Kk~,XmIdfJLsQzCNtN2Fg1rGDmuBwYax2d2x&bctid=1989166652001

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Book Review


The book that I reviewed was called ‘Peter and the Starcatchers,’ written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. I have never read a book written by these authors before. The book I reviewed was recommended to me by someone that always chooses great books! Plus the blurb was interesting and made me wan’t to read it.


Peter and the Starcatchers is about a boy called Peter. Peter and his friends are on a ship and go to an island travelling with a chest full of a very special substance in it. My favourite part of the book is when Peter finds out that he can fly because it was really exciting! I liked how it was like our normal life but with a bit of mystical stuff mixed in. The part that I disliked was when they are on a ship and it carries on for a little bit. There were illustrations every known and then and they were pretty effective because they gave you a picture in your head of what was going on.


My favourite character in the book is Peter. Peter is the main character. He is small and skinny with curly red hair. Peter is a very brave boy and has a good sense of humour. Peter is special because he can fly and he will never grow old because of the starstuff. Peter’s favourite thing to do is terrorise the pirates by dropping coconuts on them. Peter is a little over confident where doing things to the pirates and that is the only thing I dislike about him.


Peter and the Starcatchers is a great book  and I really recommend it to you. It is a book about children,pirates, magic, sailing, fun and much, much more. I recommend it to kids in the age of 11 and up. There is also a second book in the series called Peter and the Shadow Thieves. Overall, I give Peter and the Starcatchers 4 star!

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Dave Warner Six!


You have got to have a look at this!

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All Tied Up


After four days of full on cricket between Australia and South Africa it is all tied up.



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Clay Monsters


Clay Monsters

Late in term 3 we started making clay monsters with Mrs Backus. To make a clay monster Mrs Backus told us first we had to draw a picture of the front, side and back then colour it in so we had a plan we could use. We had a picture of other clay monsters so we could get a bit an idea. You need to have a block of clay 5cm by 5cm. After that you make a pinch pot which is like a 3D semicircle. If you want a bigger monster then you use two pinch pots and join them together.


Drawing the Clay Monsters

Once you have done this, make your arms, legs, hair etcetera and stick them onto you pinch pots. Be careful that your arms and legs aren’t too thin because when they break off. Make sure you wrap it up in glad wrap so it doesn’t dry out too quickly. Next you get it fired in a Kiln which is like a really hot oven and makes it hard so it doesn’t break. When this has been finished paint it with the base paint which is the main colour of your monster. Once you have painted it and let it dry you can paint your arms, legs, hair etcetera different colours which were in your plan (but it does not have to be the exact same as your plan.)


Finally you leave it out to dry and do a second coat if you need to. Eventually when it is all dry you can spray it with a special sort of spray which makes it shinier so it looks better. After that you are finished! Thankyou Mrs Backus for teaching us how to make clay monsters it was a lot of fun. Thank you for all of your time. That is how you make an awesome clay monster!

Painting the Clay Monsters

I learnt that to make a good clay monster you need to put a hole in it before it gets fired otherwise it could explode. Also do not make your arms and legs too small or they will break off.



The Finished Monster







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Billy Cart Derby Day


Billy Cart


On Friday the 9th November we went to the Billy Cart Derby Day. Before that we spent 6 months getting the billy carts ready for the derby day. The makers of the billy cart were Mr Coleman, Mr Weatherall, Mr Williams and Mr Price.

On the billy cart derby day we started with a race where two people were pushing the billy cart and one person was driving, the driver had to get a little ball off a cone and replace it with another one. Next we did the downhill race. Our billy cart went pretty well. We then went back to the obstacle course and did a lot more races. We won and got two medals and two certificates. My favourite part was racing the billy cart down the hill because it was really fun! Plus making the billy cart was really fun. The part I played was getting the resources and costs down on paper.


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